A unique veterinary practice providing skilled chiropractic assessments
and care for equine athletes

What We Do

We focus on determining the source of equine performance problems and then planning and executing the best treatment approach to get your horse back to its peak. Because of our unique approach, we often can identify underlying causes or contributing factors to puzzling, subtle lamenesses and performance problems. We then apply treatments or suggest options to successfully resolve your horse's issues.

How We Do It

Our assessments focus on evaluating the whole horse, not just the body part where the problem might be. Very often, problems in one part of the body stem from issues in other areas of the body. So assessing the whole horse allows us to determine all of the factors that can contribute to performance limitations.

Services We Offer

Assessments and treatments are available for other species too! Dogs, cats, goats, cattle, pigs, and even a duck can count themselves as patients of ours!